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Nationwide Liquor has the Best Tequila Brands!

Produced primarily in Jalisco Mexico, tequila is a transparent spirit which is pot-distilled and is typically distilled twice at a minimum. After the distillation process, tequila’s are either bottled (called blanco/joven) or over time aged in wooden casks or barrels (extra anejo). Young tequilas will taste a little more stringent and not as refined as older tequilas which will give you more of a smooth and complex palate. No matter which of the best tequila brands you choose like Milagro, Corralejo, Don Julio, Anejo, Jose Cuervo, Espolon, and our favorite Mandala extra anejo, (which took a minium of 8 years to get to your glass), you're sure of finding one you'll love!  


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