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Dolin - Rouge Vermouth de Chambéry (375ml)


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Dolin Rouge imparts lovely spicy notes amid its light and fresh profile, with a clean finish to complement and not overwhelm a drink’s other components. More than fifty herbs flavor Dolin Rouge; its profile is firm and balanced, without the excessive sweet or lingering aftertastes found in large commercial products. It makes for an exceptional Manhattan that does not bury the tastes of rye or bourbon, even at classic 1:1 proportions. Refreshes a Negroni, too. Dolin Rouge and a twist pairs well with charcuterie or black olives and works perfectly in tomato or meat cookery. A light and fresh red vermouth. Lets the whiskey do the talking. Mix with any bourbon, rye or Scotch; refreshes a Negroni, too. Pair with olives, nutty cheeses, cured meats. Excellent with a citrus twist over ice. Native to the mountains of the Savoy; made with over 50 herbs. Dolin invented this protected style of vermouth (light, floral).

ABV: -
Distillery: -
Vintage: -
Region: Savoy
Size: 375 ml
Availability: In Stock
Distributed by: SW

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