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Dumante Liqueur Verdenoce 750ml


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Handcrafted in select small batches in southern Italy, Dumante Verdenoce is meant to be sipped and savored by connoisseurs who enjoy fine Cognacs, single barrel bourbons, single-malt scotches, artisan brandies and great Italian wines and spirits. Dumante Verdenoce is also superb when mixed with other fine spirits and ingredients giving ultra premium Italian flair to martinis, cocktails, and our iconic cocktail The Sicilian Manhattan. Dumante Verdenoce was designed as well with the culinary arts in mind as a unique ingredient in appetizers, main dishes and, of course, spectacular desserts. Experience Dumante with coffee or espresso for an Italian coffee celebration! The ultimate combination of slowly-steeped pistachio infusion with fine artisan spirits and delicate natural ingredients creates a flavor like no other. . . rich, smooth and aromatic with a long and complex finish. Presented in a unique art-glass decanter, this magnificent expression of contemporary style and Italian artisan craftsmanship is destined to become the world standard of excellence for luxury spirits.

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Since ancient days, pistachios have been considereda liaison to love. Legend has it that young lovers had a special reason to meet on late summer nights in a moonlit pistachio grove. If they picked the night that the pistachios had reached perfect maturity, sitting beneath the trees and listening to the sound of little pistachio shells bursting open would bestow upon their love the multiple blessings of good fortune, happiness, and abundance. Siciliy is the only region in Italy where pistachios can be cultivated, with the finest coming from the lava-rich soil of Bronte on the slopes of Mount Etna. Dumante Verdenoce is inspired by Bronte family recipes, for generations shared only with family and friends. Made in small batches with a natural pistachio infusion, other nut flavors, and natural ingredients, each batch reflects the unique qualities of the particular harvest.

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