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Ciroc French Snap-frost Grape Vodka 750ml Rated 90-95WE


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Rated 90-95
Palate entry is sweet, ripe and grapey, a complete 180-degree turn from the odd bouquet; midpalate highlights the sweet, fruity ripeness to the point where it starts to resemble grappa. Finish is delightfully sweet, polished and elegant.

Ciroc is produced from grapes that are hand selected then distilled five times in traditional pot still for ultimate flavor. Sweet, fruity ripeness, polished and elegant.

Ciroc is the world's first and only vodka made from grapes for an exquisitely smooth & fresh vodka experience.

Vodka from grapes?!? Yes. While most ordinary vodkas are made from starches like wheat or potatoes, vodka can be made from any organic fermentable ingredient. The makers of Ciroc selected grapes (in fact, they chose three particular types of grapes from a specific region of France) in order to create this remarkably fresh, distinctively smooth vodka.

What are “snap frost grapes”? While most grapes are harvested in early autumn, snap frost grapes continue to ripen on vines into the late fall and early winter. Then frosty temperatures actually freeze the grapes on the vine. The grapes are then quickly picked and pressed. Because the sweet juice of the grape has a lower freezing point than water - juice is extracted, while frozen water crystals remain behind in the press - snap frost grapes yield a liquid that is higher in sugar content and grape essence.

What is cold fermentation? The most obvious difference between cold fermentation and regular fermentation is the temperature. As a result of the lower temperatures, cold fermentation takes a bit longer. But the technique preserves freshness and extracts a more flavorful combination of the fruit character, resulting in a more desirable end product. Cold fermentation has previously been used in making wines. But Ciroc is the first luxury vodka to utilize this painstaking technique.

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