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Jack Daniel's - Heritage Barrel 100 Proof 750ml


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Heritage Barrel That all ended in 2018 when JD released single barrels carrying a new “Heritage Barrel” label. These barrels were specially made to harvest a unique profile from the distillate inside. The barrels underwent a very thorough “toasting” process before being fired. Then they were filled with an extremely low barrel entry proof distillate of only 100 before being placed on the top floor of their rickhouses. All of was designed to impart the sweetest and most oak-forward distillate that had yet to be put out. Before bottling them up as single barrels, the whiskey inside was proofed back down to the original entry proof of 100, making this release technically a “Full Proof” bottling. The inaugural 2018 bottles of Heritage Barrel were some of the best kept secrets amongst bourbon enthusiasts, so would the 2019 batch of single barrels build off of the past? Let’s find out. I sampled this neat and in a Glencairn. Nose: Those that know Jack Daniel’s products, know how sweet they can be. The nose immediately reminds you of warm, sweet banana bread fresh from the oven. Pecan Pralines swirl their sweet dessert-like scent all around that banana bread as well. There’s soft oak, melted caramel candies and hints of cinnamon all around. This is a beautiful nose that makes you want to sniff it all day. Palate: Beautifully balanced at 100 proof, the mouthfeel is surprisingly rich and thick. There’s banana’s foster sprinkled with cinnamon. Roasted, oily nuts and toasted oak give depth to the train of sweets that come forward. There’s also gobs of melted vanilla frosting as well, no doubt a result of the rigorous barrel toasting. Finish: My mouth is coated in a sticky banana taffy while the residue of oak and wet tobacco remain. I taste dried fruit (other than banana) in the form of apricots and cherries, but it is minute. For all the more satisfying this dram has been, I’m a little curious as to how not-cloyingly sweet this bourbon really is.

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Region: Tennessee
Size: 750 ml
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