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Jagermeister Liqueur 1L


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If you take a closer look at Jagermeister - the distinctive green bottle, the label and the herbal liqueur itself - it quickly becomes clear that everything revolves around forests and hunting. Its inventor, Curt Mast, had a passion for hunting and dedicated his liqueur to hunters. Deciding on a name wasn’t exactly difficult, he chose the name ‘Jagermeister’ (German for ‘master hunter’) - a term, that was already well-known as a profession due to the century old tradition of hunting. For the label on the front of the Jagermeister bottle, Curt Mast selected a verse from a famous hunting poem by Oskar von Riesenthal (1830 to 1898): “This is the hunters’ honour shield, which he protects and looks after his game, Huntsman hunts, As it should be, the Creator in the creatures honour. ” And the trademark symbol couldn’t be just any old picture. No - it had to be the legendary Hubertus stag with the cross shining out from between his antlers. To find the perfect packaging for his new ‘hunting companion’, Curt Mast had to get creative, performing a breaktest that involved dropping a range of different bottles on his kitchen floor from a height. This allowed him to identify a high-quality and particularly robust model: the striking green Jagermeister bottle. But the herbal liqueur would not just have a strong external connection to hunting and nature; since its invention more than 80 years ago, Jagermeister has been produced using a secret recipe containing only natural ingredients. The key to its unmistakeable taste can be found in the combination of 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from around the world. Producer Unchanged in recipe. Unflagging in popularity. Who could have guessed that what began as a celebratory drink among hunters would give rise to a story as bold, rich and varied as our iconic herbal liqueur itself? It was Wilhelm Mast’s son, Curt, who took the family vinegar business in a very different direction. A few years passed before he perfected Jagermeister’s recipe of 56 botanical ingredients but we think it was well worth the wait. To this day, the eyes of our founder still watch over his creation; immortalized in stone. Steeped in history, surrounded by nature and with Berlin on its doorstep; the Lower Saxon town of Wolfenbuttel - like the drink it gave rise to - is a blend of all the best ingredients. With a prestigious history as a hub of arts and science, we like to think one of its greatest masterpieces was inspiring the creation of Jagermeister. Our striking logo draws from the tale of Saint Hubertus. Once a wild huntsman, Hubertus had a vision of a mighty stag carrying a glowing cross between its antlers. The vision transformed him and afterwards he championed a greater respect for nature, eventually becoming known as the patron saint of hunters. Curt Mast thought this powerful story was a perfect match to his potent elixir and adopted the emblem of the stag in honor of the true ‘Hunting Master’. A keen outdoorsman, Curt Mast needed a bottle that would stand up to heavy-duty use. To find the perfect candidate, he dropped different shaped bottles onto his oak floor until one survived. From pragmatic to iconic: more than 80 years on his easily recognizable square-shouldered bottle is still a standout in bars and clubs around the world. The music may change, the clothes may change, but every generation has its irreverent perfectionists. From humble house parties to global gatherings, Jagermeister is still embraced by those who push the boundaries and rewrite the rules in every field. Long may it continue…

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