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Lillet Aperitif Blanc 750ml


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Lillet is a subtle blend of rigorously selected wines from Bordeaux (85%) and of fruit liqueurs (15%) handcrafted on site. Lillet is aged in oak vats for several months, allowing the aromas to mellow and its characteristic taste to mature. Technical notes 85% wines 15% fruit liqueurs (sweet and bitter oranges) Quinine; 17. 00%
Recipe Whatever your colour, dress up your long drink in a tall wine glass with 1 part of Lillet, 2 parts of bubbles (whether Champagne, tonic or any other you like) and a tasty garnish. Also delicious neat, on the rocks, or as a cocktail ingredient, Lillet is a playful aperitif you can tailor to your own taste.
Producer Lillet is made since 1872 in Podensac, a small picturesque village south of Bordeaux. There, at the authentic “Maison Lillet” distillery, a dedicated team of fewer than ten people take care of Lillet production. All the ingredients for Lillet’s unique recipe are chosen with great care: French wines are selected for their quality and organoleptic complexity, while the fruits, cinchona barks, and sweet and bitter orange peels display remarkable freshness and aromatic richness. This masterful balance of rich fruit and superior wine is the result of almost 150 years of craftmanship.

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Region: Bordeaux
Size: 750 ml
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Distributed by: BLW

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