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Montanaro Aperitivo 6 Pm 1L


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The Aperitif 6 PM Montanaro born from the desire to create a young product, different from the grappas of the Piedmontese company, whose secret recipe is kept in the Montanaro headquarters in Gallo d’Alba. It is a fresh and refreshing aperitif, created with plant extracts, aromas and flavors of citrus, herbs and natural flavors: from apple to cherry, from cinnamon to absinthe, to cloves, orange blossom and vanilla. These aromas are combined with pure and light water from the “Lurisia” sources. From these ingredients comes a light and refreshing aperitif, ideal to end a day at work! Producer The most authoritative alchemist – of Grappa, or "bottled grape sun” as Paolo Monelli calls it, was Francesco Trussoni, alembic master from Gallo d’ Alba. He had the genial idea of created Grappa di Barolo, the first single grape Grappa in history, in 1885. The company was taken over by Mario Montanaro and his wife Angela Trussoni in 1922. With their son, Giuseppe Montanaro, they perfected the production processes by adopting steam alembics, and inherited a rigorous method which made use of the precious experience and the influence of the Alba Wine School. Over a century, this brought about a sort of irreplaceable "ecosystem” where Montanaro spirits, particularly Grappa di Barolo, have become the most sophisticated emblems of the values related to a happy territory called Langa, encompassing a variety of historical and cultural aspects.

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Region: Piedmont
Size: 1 L
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