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Dad's Hat Rye Whiskey Vermouth Barrel Finish 750ml


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For this modern classic, we've selected casks previously inhabited by Quady Winerys Vya Sweet Vermouth to create an amazing double finish rye. The process takes our flagship rye (already aged a minimum of 6 months) and ages it a second time in select vermouth barrels for an additional 3 months merging the warm, balanced flavors of American vermouth with our smooth, spicy rye to deliver an exceptional nose with a distinctive taste and character all its own. Producer My Dad wore hats. Real hats. The kind you only see in old pictures or movies these days. He had a lot of hats. His favorites were Stetson fedoras, handcrafted in Philadelphia. Before he left the house each day, hed carefully choose one from the rack and don it. The hat always seemed to fit his mood or the occasion perfectly. My Dads gone now. But my mind somehow keeps coming back to those hats. People dont really wear hats much anymore, I suppose. Its become an affectation or a fashion statement. But in those days, it was something more. A symbol of optimism. That we cared about quality, polish and finish. A subtle, personal signature. From an era when taking the time to do it the right way mattered. I founded Dads Hat because I, too, want to do it the right way. To take up a tradition. To make something that mattered. The old way. By hand, in small batches. Using only natural, local ingredients and the most careful methods. Dads Hat is made right here in Pennsylvania the birthplace of Rye Whiskey in honor of my father, who enjoyed rye whiskey and served it at the familys tavern; and of that wonderful, optimistic time in Americas history when we made a lot of things and took care to make them well. My heart tells me that many of us are searching for that spirit again. I believe Dads Hat Rye reflects that same simple, uniquely American personality better than any other whiskey. Crisp. Smooth. Delicious not lingering or heavy-handed in its finish. Perfect for every occasion. After tasting Dads Hat, we hope that you feel the same. By the way, I kept those hats. I still wear them. And you know what They fit Perfectly. Herman Mihalich, Founder

ABV: -
Distillery: -
Vintage: -
Region: Pennsylvania
Size: 750 ml
Availability: In Stock
Distributed by: BLW

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