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Antico Amaro Noveis 750ml


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Made in Ghemme, Piedmont since the early 1960s, this bitter liqueur is made from an infusion of over a dozen botanicals including gentian root, wormwood, yarrow, nutmeg, anise, cinchona, rhubarb and more. Difford’s Guide describes its taste as “perfectly balanced” and awarded it the rare distinction of FIVE STARS +. Technical notes Base IngredientsNeutral spirit made from molasses; infusion of yellow gentian, trumpet gentian, wormwood, musk yarrow, genepi and germander from Mount Noveis; additional infusions of chinchona, rhubarb, sweet and bitter orange, licorice and anise Maturationonce blended, the amaro is aged for a short time in oak barrels before being bottled % Alcohol24%
Producer The Francoli family traces its Italian heritage back to Campodolcino, a small alpine village close to the Swiss border. Originally started by Luigi Guglielmo in 1875, the Francoli family has been officially distilling grappa for five generations, although the family tradition dates back even further. For various reasons, the village of Campodolcino has been the onglll of more than 80 Grappa distilling families, despite the fact that this rugged mountain terrain is devoid of vinaccia, the raw material used for the production of Grappa. The vinaccia had to be brought to Campodolcino from surrounding areas. From those 80 families, today there are only three still actively distilling Grappa. In 1951, at the age of only 21, Luigi founded his own distillery. His 4 younger brothers (Franco, Augusto, Giuseppe and Giovanni) joined Luigi supporting his dream of founding a prosperous Grappa Distillery. Thus the Fratelli Francoli distillery was born. Luigi Francoli Grappa is renowned for being one of the smoothest Grappas produced in Italy. Since 1951, Distillerie Francoli has expanded into one of the most ill ustrious Grappa distilleries in Italy.

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