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Smooth Ambler Bourbon Contradiction 100 Proof 750ml


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Contradiction blends two whiskeys. One is a wheater, or wheated Bourbon and the other is a Bourbon made with rye. We are very proud of our knack for bringing you great spirits we hand-make and excellent spirits we hand-select; Contradiction is the opportunity to enjoy in a single sip, the convergence of those two very different efforts. Producer Smooth Ambler Spirits is a true grain-to-glass distillery. Using the finest whole American grains, milled on-site and carefully combined with the local mountain water the region is famous for, we crafted our products with quality in mind and passion taken deeply to heart. Our spirits are produced with talent and skill informed by hundreds of years of distilling excellence and are guided by the desire to acquire the purest and best ingredients, to do the best with them one slow step at a time, and shepherd the process from when the grain arrives at the back of our distillery to when the ice clinks in the well-deserved glass in front of you.

ABV: -
Distillery: -
Vintage: -
Region: West Virginia
Size: 750 ml
Availability: In Stock
Distributed by: BLW

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