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Paul Jaboulet Aine Cotes Du Rhone Rouge Parallele 45 750ml


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Since 1958 our company exclusively sells the wine « Parallèle 45 ». The name comes from the 45th latitudinal parallel that passes at Pont de l’Isère, 2 kilometres south of our cellars. A small monument indicates this demarcation, where one can read « Here begins the south ». The « Parallèle 45 » is a perfect balance between the two great grape varieties of the Rhône valley : Syrah and Grenache Noir. This wine, very successful, has seen its production increase sixfold in ten years (2,000,000 bottles in the year 2000). The vinification traditionally takes pace in vats, fermentation is controlled following our own winemaker’s technique. Ageing continues in vats then in bottles in our cellar, enabling us to sell these wines was they are stable and refined. Wine maker notes According to Caroline Frey and Jacques Desnervois, the energy that marks so many 2014 red wines came about because following veraison, the weather was warm but not so hot that acidity could drop. Just as important was the fact that “the sun didn’t really come out much” and sugar levels didn’t accelerate as they might under sunny, hot conditions. As such, the vineyards didn’t absorb much in the way of daytime heat and the nights were consistently cool as well. The resulting wines should show well young, but I suspect they will also evolve gracefully thanks to their energy and balance.

ABV: -
Distillery: -
Vintage: 2014
Region: Rhone
Size: 750 ml
Availability: In Stock
Distributed by: BLW

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