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Principe De Los Apostoles Gin Mate 750ml


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The New Gorld Gins are different from the classic London Dry Gins The New Word Gins move away from the strong wintery flavours of junipers and use it merely as a platform for more regional and contemporary notes. Principe es una expresion latina del Gin de Nuevo Mundo. In all the meanings of the term. It is the first Latin American Premium Gin. It’s main botanicals are yerba mate, pink grapefruit, peppermint and eucalyptus. And it’s story is strongly related whit the New World. We are not going to tell you abouth the aromas or the tasting notes. Principe is a personal experience. We invite you to prepare a nice cocktail, or just pour it in a glass with a nice rock of ice and take the journey with it. Distilled in 200 litres batches in a copper still its as artisanal as it gets. Each botanical is individually macerated. Each maceration is then filtered and blended according to tato’s original recipe and the batch is then distilled. The result of the distillation is bottled and numbered. Producer When the spanish colonised what today is Argentina they brought the jesuits to assist on the evangelisation of the local tribes. The jesuits learnt from the guarani tribes the use of the mate leaf and started the first formal plantations. The town of Apostoles in Misiones was the first plantation and is today the national capital of Yerba Mate in Argentina. It’s original name is longer: Principe de los Apostoles We wanted to honour our land and our Yerba Mate. We couldn’t find a better way.

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