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Copper & Kings Brandy Reserve Casks Butchertown 750ml


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The Independent Republic Of Butchertown. Bounded by the waters of the mighty Ohio and beautiful Beargrass Creek. Since 1796 home to butchers, brawlers, bakers and brewers. Artists and artisans, distillers, tanners, orphans and families, and everything else in between. Home to Copper & Kings’ Butchertown Brandy. BOOM, BOOM. Imagine bottling the spirit of John Lee Hooker - supple, sexy, full-bodied and rhythmic. Imagine bottling the spirit of the Modern Jazz Quartet - elevated, elegant, sophisticated - bluesy with a hint of improvisation. This is drop dead gorgeous brandy. This is bad-ass brandy. This is NOT ordinary, everyday brandy. A blend of Distiller selected reserve casks. Superb, exclusively copper pot-distilled small batch brandy. 75% aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and 25% in New American Oak. Non-chill filtered without adulteration by Boise (oak flavor or infusion), sugar or caramel color for an uncorrupted natural flavor and natural color. Some natural cloudiness, faint suspension or sediment may occur, especially at colder temperatures. We recommend serving over good ice in an elegant rocks glass or with a touch of chilled water to enable the bloom. Technical notes 62% ALC. BY VOL. | 124 Proof
Producer We use traditional copper pot-distillation to forge untraditional craft-distilled, natural, pure pot-still brandies. We make definitive American Brandy influenced by American Whiskey and American music. We do not make derivative brandy styled upon a European sensibility. Our brandies are batch distilled exclusively in copper pot-stills, and are non-chill filtered, with no added sugar, boise (powdered oak, shavings or infusion) other flavors, synthetic chemicals or caramel colorants for an uncorrupted, authentic, natural flavor, nose and color. Our aged brandies exit the barrel full integrity intact. We adopt a “low & slow” distillation philosophy - a relatively low distillation temperature, for a longer, slower distillation, maximum copper contact, to express concentrated flavors, aromas, and smoothness. Philosophically the art of brandy distillation revolves around the concept of retention and concentration. The distiller is attempting to retain and concentrate the nuance found in the base wine. (As opposed to whiskey distillation where the concept revolves more around extraction and purification to palatability). You “stroke” brandy in to shape. With that said we believe that the art of brandy starts in the vineyard or orchard, and our wines are selected for superior aromatics and quality. Our focus is the distillation of unfiltered, un-sulfited wines. We are attempting to retain this essential character of the wine, the vibrancy and personality, and the better the base wine the better the brandy. Our grape brandies typically use the classic brandy varietals - (French) Colombard, Muscat de Alexandrie and Chenin Blanc. Grapes that have intense aromatics, and high acidity, for distillate that is crisp and bright with a lovely nose. These grapes find their home in, and we source largely in the Central Valley and Central Coast regions of California. It takes 5 tons of grapes to make 1 barrel of brandy, and California provides the ideal environment in which to produce grapes at sustainable scale. We also distill an annual Kentucky Vintage Brandy using the Vidal Blanc grape varietal. Our apple-wine is fermented and sourced from Michigan and is selected for its fresh, crisp, high acid, highly aromatic character. The fermentations are done at a very low +/- 64F, with a superior (South African) white wine yeast selected for high aromatic retention. Our aged grape brandy is matured in Kentucky Bourbon whiskey barrels, and medium-char new American white oak barrels, for a distinctive new world American flavor, nose and style. Smooth and aromatic, but a little feisty and rambunctious. Our apple brandy is aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and Spanish sherry casks. Our original “DNA” brandy, first bottled in mid-2014, used sourced copper pot-distilled brandies from fine purveyors who were generous enough to share some of their wares. This DNA has continued to evolve over the years as aged brandy is added to younger “new make” in a variation of the classic solera system. Spirit distilled in Butchertown will start entering the bottled blends towards the end of 2017. We believe that the barrel as a maturation vessel is pivotal, critical and beyond essential to the quality and character of our aged brandy. It is the vessel that adds texture, fragrance, complexity and balance to the spirit. At Copper & Kings we firmly believe that American Oak is a perfect medium for brandy maturation. American Oak is high in lactones, which when toasted provide warm, buttery, woody, vanilla and coconut flavors. It is this honeyed warmth and caramel that we find so attractive in our American Brandy. We also believe that a used Bourbon barrel, is a perfect vessel - some of the power has been taken from the barrel by the original whiskey, and brandy distillate is quite delicate and very malleable, so this is helpful, and we also try and extract some of the whiskey notes in to our distillate. We do not dilute from still to barrel, so our entry proof is approximately 135 proof. We also do not dilute with water to compensate for the “Angel’s Share”, preferring to concentrate and intensify the spirit profile. We have an extensive partnership program with exemplary American Craft Brewers where we swap barrels with each other, and in our case we are aging our American Brandy in barrels previously used to age dynamic craft beers. We also have significant investment in novel barrels from Kentucky hogsheads, tequila barrels and Serbian Juniper barrels.

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Region: Kentucky
Size: 750 ml
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Distributed by: BLW

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