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Dsp Ca 162 Vodka Citrus Hystrix 750ml


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Ansley Coale, the co-founder of Germain-Robin has teamed up with Crispin and Devin Cain of Tamar Distillery to produce hand-made vodkas. DSP CA 162 Vodka is named after the registration number of the original federal license obtained by Germain-Robin for its first distillery in 1982. The portfolio is comprised of straight vodka and fruit infused vodkas, which are named using their Latin nomenclature: Citrus Reticulata var. Sunshine (tangerines and tangelos), Citrus Medica var. Sarcodactylis (Buddha's-hand citrons) and Citrus Hystrix (Malaysian limes and leaves). The fruit for the vodkas is sourced from John Kirkpatrick's orchards in Exeter, Tulare County, CA. Technical notes (80) Malaysian limes along with their leaves are macerated in vodka and redistilled in Germain-Robin's antique cognac still.
Other text Like Russell Henry Gin, Vodka DSP 162 derives from conversations between Crispin Cain of Tamar Distillery and Ansley Coale of Craft Distillers. Both men thought that there was room for significant improvement in how vodka could be produced by using both traditional and innovative craft methods. Serious experiments started in late April, 2013; Devin Cain, Crispin's son, took on much of the responsibility for creating the fruit infusions, which took several months of trial and error (shortened by what we had learned from working on fruit- infused gin). The first bottlings were released in January, 2014. The vodka's name comes from the resistration number of the original federal license obtained by Germain-Robin for its first distillery (1982) located on Eagle Rock Ranch west of Ukiah, DSP CA 162. That distillery and Jorg Rupfs St George Spirits were the first small distilleries licensed since Prohibition, 1919. The Ranch distillery is where all that we do began, and it's where Crispin Cain learned to operate a cognac still.
Producer Tamar Distillery Inc. , American Craft Whiskey Distillery was founded in 2008, where we make Low Gap Whiskey, Russell Henry Gins, Fluid Dynamics Cocktails, and DSP 162 Vodkas. We use ancient methods learned during a lengthy apprenticeship with a brandy master from Cognac. Crispin applies the old double distillation method used in Cognac for over 500 years to make Low Gap Whiskey, and all our products. This allows him to select only the heart of the spirit to save for aging, blending, and drinking, lending a particularly high quality to the finished products.

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Region: California
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