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Siembra Valles Tequila Blanco 750ml


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This spirit coats your mouth with dry spices, dates, figs, the buttery aroma of orange blossoms, flowers and copper notes straight from the still. These flavors, beginning in the mid and upper palette, distinguish the plants used, the natural fields they come from and the valley surrounding them. The approachable, subtle presence of alcohol is surprising, given the 80 proof. The finish is dry, elegant, and complex; reminiscent of jasmine and lime peel. Once the glass is empty, smell the strong cooked agave and butter scents left. Producer Siembra Valles Tequila is produced in the volcanic, mineral-rich Valles. Valles refers to one of two main regions in the Tequila Denomination of Origin. Take a journey and explore the vast diversity of the Tequila appellation of origin. Siembra Valles is a celebration of the Valles terroir of Tequila. Siembra Spirits is proud to bring another emblematic spirit to agave enthusiasts. We have partnered with the Rosales family of Distileria Cascahuin, NOM 1123, to bring you an artisanal valley tequila focused on The Future of Tradition. Cascahuin was the first distillery David Suro ever visited. There he met Don Salvador Rosales Briseno; a man so proud of his tequila that if the agave did not meet his standards he would shut the distillery down until he found appropriate raw materials. Through family ties the Rosales name can be traced to some of the most iconic tequila brands. Today, Master Distiller Salvador Rosales Torres tradition of distilling goes as far back as 1904. This was the year when the Mexican government started to regulate and register distilleries. The distillery, Cascahuin, was founded in 1956 and bares the ancient indigenous name for the small, magnesium filled mountain in El Arenal known for attracting lightning. Cascahuin directly translates to Mountain of Light. Since that first sip of tequila from Distileria Cascahuin, David Suro has been on a quest to connect the history of agave to a brighter future for Mexico and its people. Through this project we hope to instill a better appreciation for tequila at home and in bars across the world. With this partnership, Cascahuin and Siembra Spirits look forward to challenging the consumer with the level of transparency and technical data that Siembra Valles is providing. There is nothing in this partnership to hide, only points to celebrate. Join us in the Valles of Jalisco and toast to The Future of Tradition.

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