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Mezcal Convite Joven 750ml


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Mezcal Artesanal
100% Cultural, 100% Mexican
Designation of Origin, Proudly from Oaxaca

Convite CONVITE is a high quality artisanal mezcal. The careful distillation method, the selection and purity of its natural ingredients give our mezcales distinctive and luxurious taste.
Convite Our quality is reflected in the craftsmanship of unique mezcales from selected wild agaves.

Convite Our unique blends demonstrate our experience and knowledge in the distillation to achieve balanced, fine and distinguished flavours.

Convite Naturally fermented without chemicals or additional flavours.

Convite It is prepared by renowned Zapotec "mezcaleros" with experience inherited from over five generations.

Convite It is bottled with the highest
standards of the craft industry.

Convite Botella diseñada especialmente para conservar los atributos del mezcal, y la mexicanidad asociada a la bebida.

Convite The bottle is specially designed to preserve the attributes of the mezcal and the Mexican identity associated with the drink.

Convite Quality inputs such as spring water and capon agaves.

Convite Distilled with oak firewood that ensures no smoke reaches the product.

Convite The production is made in small, exclusive lots, with a superb flavour, a true elixir of Mexico to the world.

ABV: 42.0%
Distillery: -
Vintage: -
Region: -
Size: 750 ml
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Distributed by: BHW

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