After two or three margaritas, you'll be seeing stars! Tequila is a popular Mexican spirit enjoyed both on its own and in a fruity cocktail. If you're new to the fun and flavorful world of tequila, keep reading for our best tequila tips.

What is Tequila?

Tequila is a distilled liquor known for its light flavors, punchy burn, and warm buzz it gives consumers. Most tequila is made in Jalisco, Mexico, derived from the blue agave plant. Tequila can be colorless and ageless, although some variations may be darker or contain a blend of aged alcohol. There are three main tequila types: Tequila Blanco, Tequila Reposado, and Tequila Anejo.

Popular Tequila Brands

There are many tequila brands to choose from. We offer a diverse selection of the best tequila on the market.

Don Julio

Straight from Jalisco, Don Julio tequila is loved by people worldwide. Don Julio's Blanco Agave Tequila is known for its crisp, citrusy flavor profile, making it ideal for margaritas. Often called "silver" tequila, the famous spirit can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.


Espolon gets its name from the rooster, a traditional symbol in Mexican culture that celebrates nobility and national pride. Espolon produces a healthy variety of tequila, one of our favorites being their Reposado Tequila. This variation is lightly aged in American oak barrels to create a pure tequila with slightly richer notes.


Mandala offers the most luxurious tequila experience money can buy. Mandala Tequila Extra Anejo is aged for seven years in French oak barrels, giving it a truly extraordinary appeal. This dark amber tequila is intensely fruity and oaky with a soft vanilla flavor. This bottle is best enjoyed on a special occasion in a simple cocktail or on its own.

Tequila Pairings

Because tequila types are so varied, pairing options are endless, although food centered on Mexican culture seems to work the best. Get creative and try something unexpected!

Tequila Blanco

The light flavor of this classic spirit is delicious with savory, spicy, and citrusy foods. Dishes with cilantro, ginger, sage, lemon, orange, and lime will all pair beautifully with Tequila Blanco. Try this spirit with tacos or dishes that feature fish.

Tequila Reposado

Gently aged tequila is slightly spicier and sweeter than its mild counterpart. For Tequila Reposado, you can either go sweet or savory. Dishes that feature garlic and paprika can make for a complete dining experience. If you're shooting for dessert, this spirit can emphasize rich flavors like chocolate, pineapple, mango, and peaches.

Tequila Anejo

Tequila Anejo is carefully aged to produce the richest of flavors. This spirit will pair deliciously with many of the same flavors bourbon drinkers enjoy. Savory, rich dishes will offer a lush experience, while deep, smoky charred flavors will bring you back for just one more sip. Anejo also tastes incredible with dark chocolates and other heavy desserts.

Tequila: Perfect for Dining and the Dance Floor

Whether you are sipping on this spirit for its energetic buzz or varied flavors, tequila is a fun spirit many enjoy. We offer the best tequila online for competitive prices. Look no further for your new favorite tequila brands.

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