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Popularized in the 1700s, rum is a type of spirit that is unlike any other alcohol on the market. Distilled from sugar cane products, including molasses, it is typically aged between three and 10 years and ranges from 80-150 proof. Flavors are sometimes added, like coconut or vanilla, but there will always be that soft underlying sweetness that tastes like toasted sugar, setting it apart from the rest of the bottles on the shelf.

If you want to add a special bottle of rum to your liquor cabinet and buy rum online, then let Nationwide Liquor be your go-to. Not sure where to start when purchasing rum? Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know about rum and different rum brands.

The History of Rum 

One of the oldest distilled spirits, rum has a rich and varied history starting in the Caribbean. In the 1700s, rum started making a massive impact in the Caribbean and South America, where distillation began. (No wonder Captain Jack Sparrow loved it so much!) Rum continued to grow in popularity with New England starting to produce rum in the late 1700s. Today, rum is a $2.5 billion a year business produced and enjoyed around the world. 

Early rum was produced with molasses and something called "skimmings" during the production of sugar. These layers were a result of the boiling process and were skimmed off the top of the boiling sugar. Once the skimmings were combined with molasses, the mixture was fermented and distilled, resulting in rum. 

Rum is typically aged in wooden casks, and the type of wood used to age the rum normally determines the spirit's color and flavors. Climate also plays a role in how long the rum is aged. If the rum is aged in a tropical environment, it is usually aged for a shorter period. For example, rum aged in the Caribbean for three to five years might have the same flavor profile as one that was aged in New England for 10 years. 

In short, not all rum is the same. What is consistent, however, is rum's soft sweetness which makes it so beloved by people all over the world.

Types of Rum and Their Uses

Like many other types of alcohol, rum comes in several different varieties because of the production location, process, age, and other factors. Each type of rum has its own best uses and distinct flavors that make it a unique drinking experience.

Light Rum

Light rum, also known as white rum or silver rum, is the most common type of rum available. It is usually aged in stainless steel tanks and is the most popular rum for cocktails because it doesn't pack a huge punch of flavor. Instead, light rum is known for a light, clean taste with a hint of sweetness. 

Gold Rum

Gold rum, sometimes called amber rum, is usually aged in oak casks which helps them to achieve that darker, golden color. It typically has a smoother, more full-bodied flavor than light rum and is usually enjoyed as a stand-alone drink instead of used in cocktails. However, some enjoy using gold rum in darker cocktails instead of light rum.

Dark Rum

Dark rum is a heavy-bodied rum that is best enjoyed by sipping. This rum does not contain additional additives and gets its flavor from aging in charred oak casks. 

Additionally, there is a specific type of dark rum, apart from the other types of rum, called blackstrap rum. Blackstrap rum is made from blackstrap molasses and produces a rich, thick, and sweet rum.

Overproof Rum

Typically, rum is between 80-150 proof. However, there is a specific type of rum called overproof rum. At 150 proof-plus, overproof rum is usually used for flashy, flaming drinks and can be dangerous to drink if not diluted in some way. 

Location-Specific Rum

Two types of rum are location-specific and cannot be produced in any other area of the world. These two rum types are cachaça and rhum agricole and can be purchased from Nationwide Liquor when you buy rum online.

Cachaça is a type of rum that must be produced in Brazil. Unlike other rums, it does not use molasses in its distillation process; instead, cachaça uses pure sugar cane juice. This makes cachaça one of the sweetest rums available. 

Rhum Agricole is another rum distilled from pure cane sugar juice that can only be produced in the French Caribbean, specifically the island of Martinique. This rum is distilled using a continuous column still and has a unique grassy but sweet taste. 

Nationwide Liquor Help You Find the Best Rum for Your Needs

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