You've probably heard of a Gin and Tonic, but how much do you know about gin? This European beverage is enjoyed by alcohol connoisseurs worldwide for its uniquely floral and piney taste. Keep reading to learn more about high-quality gin and the many ways it can be savored.

What is Gin?

Gin originates from western European countries such as Germany, Holland, and France. Similarly to vodka, this distilled beverage is made from grain mash or malt wine. The key ingredient in a bottle of gin is juniper berries, which give it a potent floral flavor. Spirit consumers often describe fresh notes of pine, fruit, and citrus. This aromatic liquor can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail such as a Negroni or Gin and Tonic.

Top Gin Brands

Gin is a sophisticated spirit that varies in taste according to the brand. At Nationwide Liquor, we are proud to carry high-quality gin brands loved by beginners and loyal gin fans.


Bombay is an English liquor brand that sources quality ingredients from Southeast Asia, Africa, and the UK. Bombay balances premium quality with affordable prices to create a highly sought-after product. We recommend their Sapphire Gin for its light, refreshing taste. This aromatic beverage features zesty notes of lavender and pepper that will keep you coming back for more.


Aviation is the byproduct of a collaboration between Portland's House Spirits Distilling and mixologist Ryan Magarian of Seattle's Liquid Kitchen. The botanical richness of cardamom, coriander, and orange melts into a crisp finish that speaks for itself. Aviation Gin makes a stunning addition to any classic gin cocktail. 

Monkey 47

Made in the Black Forest of Germany, Monkey 47 manufactures an impressive line of liquors, but one of our favorites is their high-quality gin. The woody taste of this spirit is described as "a pine forest after rain." For experienced consumers, Monkey 47 offers a robust flavor profile, heavy with fruit, spice, and herb notes.

Gin Pairings

Because of its aromatic and exotic flavor, most gin brands pair beautifully with a stunning variety of cuisine options. If you order gin online, you'll want to take a quick trip to the grocery store so you can cook up a memorable meal.

Spicy Foods

If you enjoy some kick in your meals, the crisp notes in gin create an exciting contrast. Indian curry features a host of fragrant spices that blend well with your favorite bottle of this intricate spirit.

A Charcuterie Board

A collection of meat, smoky cheese, berries, and nuts allows you to create multiple flavor combinations with your high-quality gin. Get creative and see which notes you can pull from the European-based spirit.


Chocolate lovers, this one's for you. Enjoying your glass of gin with a box of chocolates nearby is an experience everyone should have. Floral notes become even more intriguing when paired with a dark, rich bite of chocolate. Consider mint chocolate to further draw on the gin's freshness.

Up Your Cocktail Game With Intense Aroma and Taste

Whether you order gin online or decide to give it a try for the first time, it is a versatile, sophisticated spirit that will challenge your palate. Nationwide liquor is proud to offer the very best gin brands so you can enjoy this delicate beverage.

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