Cognac - Expert Advice

A classic French spirit, cognac doesn't quite fit into any one category of spirits. It's a sweet, smooth type of liquor that has become a favorite among celebrities and influencers, touted for its delicious flavor.

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Want a little more information about how to make the most of your cognac delivery? Let us help with a little expert advice:

What Makes Cognac Special?

Cognac is a smooth, silky liquor that is exclusively made in the Cognac region in the western area of France. Cognac can only be produced in this area because if this spirit is produced in any other area of the world, it cannot legally be called "cognac." Interesting, right? 

To understand cognac, you should know that its closest alcohol family member is white wine. Cognac was originally created as a way to preserve the wine for a longer period of time; instead of fermenting the white grapes to turn into wine, they were instead distilled and aged, creating cognac. Because of this, cognac tends to have a sweet, fruity taste, reminiscent of grapes. 

There are extremely strict guidelines for preparing, aging, and labeling cognac. Cognac must be distilled from only white grapes, distilled two times, and aged for a minimum of two years in French oak barrels. If the spirit does not meet this requirement, then it cannot be called cognac. Cognac is also divided into different categories, depending on the age of the cognac. These labels must be on the bottles so you can know exactly what you're purchasing when you see them. These labels are:

  • V.S.: This label stands for "very special" and denotes that the cognac has been aged at least two years. This label can also be designated by showing three stars on the label. 
  • V.S.O.P.: The acronym for this label stands for "very superior old pale." This cognac has been aged for at least four years.
  • Napoléon: When you drink a Napoléon cognac, you can be sure that it has aged at least six years. 
  • X.O.: Meaning "extra old," cognac that has this label has been aged for at least a decade. These cognac brands tend to be darker than the younger cognac.
  • X.X.O.: This label is a step up from extra old, and has a minimum aging requirement of fourteen years. 
  • Hors d'Age: This is the highest quality cognac available that has aged the longest. Hors d'Age means "beyond age," and this cognac has typically been aged for at least two decades.

When you buy cognac online at Nationwide Liquor, we are proud to offer a wide range of different labels of cognac, from V.S. to Hors d'Age. You'll find exactly what you're looking for. 

How Should You Enjoy Cognac?

Before you worry too much, it's important to remember that there is no "proper" way to enjoy cognac. If you enjoy the taste of cognac, then you should drink it how you like! When you're tasting cognac, there is a recommended way to try it, though, to make sure that you're able to taste and enjoy all of the flavors and aromas that cognac can bring. 

First, you should taste your cognac from a tulip glass or a brandy snifter. The shape of these glasses allows you to get the full impact of the aroma of the cognac before you taste it. When you go to pour your cognac, only pour about an ounce or so into your glass. This makes it easier to warm the drink with your hands to pull out all of the more subtle flavors. 

Next, take a long inhale of the cognac in your glass. The aroma is unique to each different type of cognac, and you can enjoy a wide array of scents like nutty, floral, fruity, and more. Once you've done all of this, it's finally time to taste the cognac. Cognac tends to be on the sweeter side, retaining a hint of the sweetness of the grapes it was crafted from. 

Of course, there are many other ways to enjoy cognac. Today, the most common way to enjoy cognac is in a mixed drink, and a popular choice as a mixer is Coca-Cola. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy your favorite drink, as long as it's something that you truly enjoy. 

Nationwide Liquor: Your Choice for Cognac

Nationwide Liquor is proud to bring you a wide variety of cognac with the best cognac brands. If you buy our cognac online, you're guaranteed to walk away with a quality product. Our Hennessy XO Cognac is sure to please with its smooth, full-bodied flavor from its long aging process. The Courvoisier VS Cognac is a delicious blend of cognacs, giving it a smooth, fruity taste, and our Hardy VSOP Cognac gift set makes for the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves trying new and different types of alcohol. 

If you want to buy cognac online and try the fruity and full-bodied flavors of cognac, check out our offerings here at Nationwide Liquor. You're sure to find something delicious that you'll love!

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